Øredev 2005

Øredev is the biggest conference for developers in Sweden and covers several areas
such as Java, .Net, Methods & Tools and Embedded.

The conference in our own backyard got off to a very good start indeed and featured internationally renowned speakers such as Eric Evans, Rickard Öberg. Kai Tödter etc etc. The number of attendees was 320 and they came from as far away as Copenhagen and Gothenburg. “Own backyard” is quite literal since Jayway was one of the principal organizers. Nevertheless, why not try and analyze our own effort?


As Java fans we had not only the Java track to enjoy. The Methods & Tools and Embedded tracks contained several interesting sessions with a Java base. This made it sometimes difficult to choose between colliding talks, just as it should be.
Looking at the reviews from the sessions, we find “9 ways to hack a webapp” at the top. It was a great talk given by Martin Nystrom (yes, there are no dots above the “o”) – but somewhat embarrassing. The “I’ve made that mistake!” feeling was a bit too apparent. The top position of this talk came as no surprise. JavaOne attendees gave it an honorable second place in a review of all presentations given there.
The talks covered a lot of ground. They ranged from the challenges of implementing Java on a mobile phone to 64-bit technology and its effects on the JVM, from standards like EJB3 to up-and-coming technologies like aspect oriented programming. On the anecdotal side we note Bert Rubaszkin, Chief Technologist at Sun Sweden, who in his “10 years with Java” talked about several achievements. Some of the examples included Rickard Öberg sitting in the audience. Times flies by faster within IT. Or, better still, it’s just the family!
A few rough edges around the conference were apparent: the sun (yes, the one in the sky) together with a curtain on the loose, made life difficult for some lecturers on the main scene, nothing that can’t be fixed for round two of this annual conference.

Mingling at Øredev 2005


The success of this, the first, developer’s conference in Öresund is promising. The conference will return this year in November. Let’s hope it continues to build on its promising start.

Originally published in JayView.

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