Ingrid, goodbye!

Mother-in-laws. Is there a word more loaded with assumptions? Still, some 26 years ago when I met the mother of my wife to be, little did I know how she would affect me. Little did I realize how I would wish to be like her.

Ingrid Regnér-Danielsson was born in 1923 in north-west of Skåne (south of Sweden). She quickly grew past her friends into a beautiful and tall women. Given time the class mates would grow to match her height.

In her late teens she would watch the swedish soldiers “protect” the German convoys of soldiers during WWII and be ashamed of it to this day. During these years she met her husband to be, Vidar. He was later posted on the front protecting Sweden. She was always eager to know everything – politics, the world, well most things except technical. Who can blame her on that last bit? 🙂

Despite having time we never caught up to her wits, her passion and her wish to know more.

Ingrid leaves behind four children; Lena, Bibi, Claes and Lotta my wife – four grandchildren; Daniel, Max, Felix and Bix and loads of memories. Many years ago I realized that I wanted to be like her – a lively spirit in touch with reality way up in her years. Will I ever be like that? Will I be able to keep an interest and an enthusiasm for things and most importantly for people like she did? I hope so, but I have my doubts.

After a long struggle she passed away last week. It probably was a relief for her and it shouldn’t be a surprise to us. But still.
That lively spirit is not among us anymore. Her enthusiasm is no longer here.

However, our memory of her lingers and the example she set for me personally.
Thank you Ingrid! Thanks for everything!


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