Speaking at Øredev with my Sis!

Fire meets IT. Or in other words, two nerds meet.

I’ll be giving a talk on a slightly different topic than usual – “How to Predict a Serial Arsonist”. This time it’s together with my sister Eva Ljungkvist. Who’s an accomplished fire engineer with lots of action based experience, like    …putting out fire and stuff 🙂

Here’s the talk on the X-Track at Øredev, see here.

It’s great fun working together in what turned out to be very cross discipline. I gain insight every time we meet into an area I knew next to nothing about. Using surprisingly simple “computer science” techniques goes a long way to dissect information about arson. Some notes can be found here (in Swedish).

Oh, I’m also doing the intros to keynotes this year. Me happy. It’s an impressive list!
Chris Noessel, Dan North, Keavy McMinn, Nile Rodgers, Brian Christian, Gary Bernhardt

See you at Øredev!


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